Will Lights Film School help me find a job in the film industry?

What You Know + Who You Know 🤝

How Lights Film School Prepares You to Land a Gig

The film industry is a networking-intensive business that’s as much about "who you know" as it is about "what you know".

But it begins with "what you know".

What we do here at Lights Film School is address the “what you know” in depth, meaning we equip you with the foundational knowledge and skills you need to open the door to the industry. When an opportunity arises, you'll be prepared to act!

More tangibly, we guide you through the process of creating a short film, which can become a portfolio centerpiece for you, showcasing your talent and vision. And with Premium Membership, you’ll meet teachers and students in the Lights Film School community, where you can opt into virtual networking meetings. Who knows? Your peers may one day become collaborators!

Ultimately, though, every individual finds their own unique way into the film industry, regardless of background. We’ll get you ready for that journey, so that you can embark on it confidently and professionally.

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