Does Lights Film School offer any payment plans?

Payment plans are something prospective students have asked us about for a long time. We're happy to share that yes, as of July 2018, indeed we do! If you can't afford to pay the full cost of the filmmaking course right away, then you're welcome to select the payment plan option. This allows you to make one payment of $195 every month for 3 months, spreading out the cost over time. We're very excited about this, since it's been a much-requested feature for years.

Of course, we’re working hard to make film education accessible to everyone around the world. As a part of that effort, we also run a need-based grant program for prospective students interested in taking our online filmmaking course. If you have financial need, then we invite you to apply for a $100 grant that can be put toward the cost of your enrollment.

Still need help? We'd love to hear from you! We'd love to hear from you!