What type of video camera and editing software do I need before enrolling?

It doesn’t matter what type of video camera and editing software you have when you start our course.

From an equipment standpoint, the bar to entry into the film industry has never been lower. Certainly, you're welcome to use a high-end camera, but DSLMs, DSLRs, and even iPhone cameras are common today. Here at Lights Film School, we teach our students how to embrace, not resist, the technical constraints they face. In fact, oftentimes, constraints are the key to creativity!

While we do recommend that you work toward finding a camera and software that afford you as much manual control as possible, we meet you where you are - our goal is to teach you how to add production value and narrative integrity to your projects regardless of the tools you're using. Arri Alexa or Canon 5D, Avid Media Composer or Apple iMovie, you can complete the filmmaking course without a problem.

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