What sort of certificate do I get (and how)?

🏅 Celebrate your Filmmaking Journey with Our Course Completion Certificate!

Frame It on the Wall, Hang It on Your Mom's Fridge, Show It Off on Social Media!

Lights Film School is a non-accredited, private educational experience, but you'll still get a commemorative course completion certificate when you fully finish your studies. Huzzah!

By default, this is a digital certificate with a unique serial number, but we also can mail you a hand-signed, physical copy upon request.

To earn your course completion certificate, you must achieve 100% completion in the curriculum, as determined by Lights Film School's Progress Tracking system and/or at our team's discretion. You also must submit all five assignments encountered in the curriculum for teacher review (one per module). 

Completing these assignments proves that you've put everything you've learned into practice, which is why they're required. Anything less would cheapen the value of your certificate! To submit your assignments, you'll need access to The Workshop, one of many social features accessed through Lights Film School Premium Membership.

If you request a physical copy of your certificate, please allow several weeks for processing and delivery. Snail mail is often true to its name, especially internationally!