Is Lights Film School accredited?

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Sometimes, prospective students ask us if Lights Film School is an accredited institution. It's important to understand that we’re a non-accredited, private learning environment here at Lights Film School. 

That's by design.

We chose this route primarily to keep the cost of enrollment as low as possible. We're passionate about remaining accessible to independent filmmakers interested in learning the technical, artistic, and theoretical elements of filmmaking without going into debt. Educational debt is something several of our teachers know all too well, having attended traditional, accredited film schools firsthand. 

Of course, accredited schools charge tens of thousands of dollars for enrollment in their programs. There are obvious advantages to going this route, but there are also some pitfalls. To be a filmmaker doesn’t require a degree. In fact, many of the best and most respected filmmakers got their training simply by completing their film projects and learning as they went along! We’ve designed Lights Film School for these people: independent filmmakers eager to add production value and narrative integrity to their work without spending obscene amounts of money, either because they don't want or can't afford to.

Consequently, our approach strives to make learning accessible to everyone around the world. You still will be working through an intensive curriculum and diving deep into a wealth of supplemental materials. And with Premium Membership, you'll be meeting other filmmakers, networking, and completing assignments for teacher review as well as your peers' critiques. But you'll be doing all of this for your betterment as a filmmaker, not simply for a degree, and at a very small fraction of the price you’d pay for an accredited program.

And anyway, your commemorative course completion certificate sure looks nice when framed and mounted on your wall! 😉

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