Is Lights Film School accredited? What sort of certificate will I get?

Every student who completes the filmmaking course is mailed a custom course completion certificate commemorating their accomplishment.

That said, it's important to understand that we’re a non-accredited private learning environment here at Lights Film School. We chose this route to keep course fees low and remain accessible to independent filmmakers interested in learning the technical, artistic, and theoretical elements of filmmaking without going into debt. Of course, accredited schools charge tens of thousands of dollars for enrollment in their programs. There are obvious advantages to going this route, but there are also some pitfalls. 

To be a filmmaker doesn’t require a degree. In fact, many of the best and most respected filmmakers got their training simply by completing their film projects and learning as they went along. We’ve designed Lights Film School for these people: independent filmmakers looking to add production value and narrative integrity to their work without spending obscene amounts of money.

Consequently, our approach makes learning accessible to everyone around the world. You still will be given one-on-one opportunities with teachers. You’ll be asked to read lectures, complete assignments, engage in our live Lab Chats, and have your work critiqued, but you’re doing so for your betterment as a filmmaker, not simply for a degree, and at a very small fraction of the price you’d pay for an accredited program.

And anyway, our course completion certificate sure looks nice when framed and mounted on your wall!

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