Can I redeem my teacher feedback bundle, and earn a completion certificate, after December 12, 2022?

No, but there's still time! 💪

No, it will not be possible to redeem a 5-assignment teacher feedback bundle after December 12, 2022. For most students, that bundle expired one year from the date of enrollment anyway (hard to believe that it’s been longer than that since Lights Film School’s very last enrollment in 2021, around when we first announced that our virtual doors were closing)! For now, it’s still possible to commission assignment feedback at any time, including after a feedback bundle expires, by purchasing an additional feedback add-on. But after December 12, 2022, that will no longer be an option. 

Thus if you want to complete Lights Film School’s five assignments (and in so doing, earn a completion certificate), you must do so before December 12, 2022. Onward!

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